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“Toss and wash” --is basically just spooning the powder into your mouth and washing it down with a liquid.

This is the most “difficult” method but likely gives the strongest effects. The powder is incredibly dry and will stick to your mouth and throat, causing many to gag or cough “blow” the dry powder out of their mouth. If using this method of consumption, it is best to spoon small amounts at a time.
     The most important thing when it comes to taking Kratom, however, is the dosage.

                                              Finding Your “Sweet Spot”

Unfortunately Kratom isn’t a compound you can just take a set amount of and Bam! You get the the effects! And more doesn’t always mean better.

There is definitely a “sweet spot”that varies from person to person that you will have to discover for yourself through trial and error.

​​ A  typical amount is around
3 to 10g. Yes, that’s quite a margin. The higher quality your Kratom, the less you will need and other factors such as your tolerance level and how empty your stomach is will all have an impact.!!!

Too little and you won’t feel anything; too much and you’ll most likely feel a bit “heady” and nauseous, and at worse, be sick.

For now, hopefully this gives you a good summary of what Kratom is, how it feels and how you go about taking it.

hopefully this has peaked your interest!